Here's the page to help you with assignments and homework in Introduction to French and Spanish Culture. I am glad you have chosen to go back in time with us and study the roots of these great cultures.













This is an elective and does not give language credit.

The course starts with the Roman era and traces the development of culture in the French and Spanish-speaking world. We explore these areas by film, music, art and craft as well as reading.

Week 17: June 7 - 11

Monday 7: continue Private Ryan.

Tuesday 8: film

Wednesday 9: finish film; go over what will be on final exam.

Thursday 10: Visiting France video.

Friday 11: Final exam; take portfolio with you.

Week 16: June 1-4

Monday: holiday

Tuesday 1: private study (guest teacher); HW: essay due tomorrow.

Wednesday 2: Pratique; collect biographical essay on French artist; film: Saving Private Ryan

Thursday 3: Pratique; film

Friday 4: Pratique; collect pratiques; film.

Week 15: May 24 through 27

Monday 24: Pratique; finish power point on French artists

Tuesday 25: Pratique; Engineering and Empire dvd (Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel tower); learn facts and draw.

Wednesday 26: Pratique; World War I, add to time line;

Thursday 27: Pratique; World War II; Cloze.

Week 14: May 17 through 21

CST schedule.

Monday 17: Pratique; Make origami booklet and put titles in it.

Wednesday 19: Pratique; watch power point on art history and take notes in origami booklet.

Friday 21: Pratique; collect pratiques; finish power point; HW: select French artist over the weekend and give a one page biography with a sample of one of his/her works.Due Thursday 27.

Week 13: May 10 through 14:

Monday 10: guest teacher; study hall.

Tuesday 11: Pratique; continue with Napoleon documentary.

Wednesday 12: Pratique; Napoleon

Thursday 13: Pratique; Napoleon finish

Friday 14: Pratique; collect pratiques; Napoleon review exercises.

Week 12: May 3 through 7:

Monday 3: pratique; Les Misérables

Tuesday 4: Pratique; Les Misérables

Wednesday 5: Pratique; writing assignment (character study).Finish for hw (due Friday)

Thursday 6: Pratique; Napoleon documentary

Friday 7: Pratique; collect pratiques; Napoleon documentary

Week 11: April 26 through 30.

Monday 26: Pratique; change seats; watch Marie-Antoinette.

Tuesday 27: Pratique; finish film (professional development day) sentence starters (Marie-Antoinette).

Wednesday 28: Pratique; How well do you know yourself? Looking at the multiple intelligences.

Thursday 29: Pratique; end of Revolution; timeline; start Les Misérables

Friday 30: Pratique; collect pratiques; Les Misérables

Week 10: April 19 through 23

Monday 19: Pratique; fill in time line; start French Revolution jigsaw readings;

Tuesday 20: Pratique; finish jigsaw readings and start presentations;

Wednesday 21: Pratique, finish presentations.HW: crossword Revolution

Thursday 22: Pratique; Film "Marie Antoinette"

Friday 23: film, collect hw and pratiques.

Week 9: April 12 through 16

Monday 12: Pratique; En Garde

Tuesday 13: Pratique; En Garde

Wednesday 14: Pratique; do jigsaws of châteaux.

Thursday 15: Pratique; Power point

Friday 16: Pratique; collect hw and pratiques; Renaissance quiz

Week 8: April 5 through 9

Monday 5: Guest teacher; write the content area essay.

Tuesday 6: Guest teacher; finish essay, private study.

Wednesday 7: Introduction to the Renaissance; (lecture)

Thursday 8: film: En Garde.

Friday 9: En Garde.

Week 7: March 22 through 26

Monday 22: Pratique; the parts of a castle; HW: crossword due Friday 26th

Tuesday 23: PD day; quiz

Wednesday 24: Pratique; start pop-up card.

Thursday 25: Pratique; finish pop-up card

Friday 26: Pratique; collect hw and pratiques; memory card game.

Week 6: March 15 through 19

Monday 15: Pratique; jigsaw readings and prepare posters for presentations on castles and medieval life.

Tuesday 16: no class (CAHSEE)

Wednesday 17: no class (CAHSEE)

Thursday 18: Guest teacher; Pratique;illuminated letter; HW: word search (castles and medieval times)

Friday 19: Pratique; collect pratiques and hw; enjoy a French medieval snack (Lenten Slice); review posters and presentations; make presentations

Week 5: March 8 through 12

Monday 8; Pratique; film;

Tuesday 9: pratique; professional development day; finish film;

Wednesday 10: pratique; start Joan of Arc crossword; finish for hw (due Friday 19th)

Thursday 11:pratique; repoussé armor .

Friday 12: Pratique; collect Joan of Arc study guide; crossword; catch-up session

Week 4: March 1 through 5:

Monday 1: Pratique; history from Romans to Joan of Arc. What does France look like at this time?

Tuesday 2: Pratique:

Wednesday 3: Pratique:Film "Joan of Arc"

Thursday 4: Pratique: Film

Friday 5: Pratique: collect pratiques and hw; Film

Week 3: 22nd through 26th February:

Monday 22: warm-up; Watch "Gladiator"

Tuesday 23: Professional development day; Watch "Gladiator"

Wednesday 24: warm-up; compose a postcard from the provinces back to Rome. Finish for HW if necessary.

Thursday 25: warm-up; what is paper? what is papyrus? write a short note in Latin on papyrus.

Friday 26: warm-up; make a time line with annotations. We will be using this to add to later.

Week 2: 16th through 19th February

No school Monday.

Tuesday 16: guest teacher; study hall, finish any work from last week.

Wednesday 17: finish reading and presentations; look at genuine Roman artifacts.

Thursday 18: watch "Gladiator"

Friday 19: watch "Gladiator".

Week 1: 9th through 12th February

Monday (holiday)

Tuesday 9th: where is French spoken? color the French speaking countries on a map. Make a portfolio for your work in this class.

Wednesday 10th: Why learn French? closer look at cognates; handout.

Thursday 11th: where did French begin? Let's look at the Romans. Jigsaw reading activity. Hangman. Hw: have the video permission letter signed

Friday 12th: write a postcard from Rome back to your family in the provinces of what is now called France.